H&R Spring Install

Avant Springs (1)

Last weekend, we took a break from the wagon to drop another. The newest member of the family is an awesome C6 A6 Avant. (More on that later) The install was very straight forward, as we were only in there to do springs. We chose a set of H&R performance springs set up specifically for the Avant. The wagon has the S Line package, so the shocks are a slight upgrade from the stock C6. The springs have a slightly higher rate than stock, making them stiffer. They are a progressive set up in the front and rear. The fronts were very easy, the pinch bolts came out without a fight. After unbolting the shock tower from the frame, we knocked out the lower bolt and pulled the unit out. Unlike the last C6 we did, these fronts were completed in under an hour. (Wanna read about that nightmare? Click HERE) The rears were a different story, because the there was no adjustability. We had to cut the springs and force the new ones in. The problem areas were around the brake lines and the E Brake. We also ended up removing the lower eccentric bolt to free up more leverage. In the end we used force to get the bump stop plus spring into place. The car sits about 1.6 inches lower, and looks great without rubbing. It also needed an alinement ASAP, as the rears are completely out. The wagon also got a set of 20 by 9 Rotors to complete the look. Don’t worry we won’t hold out on you, expect a photoshoot coming soon. Also look for an in depth review of the springs. As for initial impressions, the ride is better than we expected. The car is still as smooth as it was on the straights, while noticeably stiffer and flatter in the corners. The bumps are more noticeable, but register as a thud rather than a bang. Overall we are impressed with the ride quality, especially given the price. After we put a few more miles on the springs, we will do a head to head review with the STs on the sedan. Until then, happy wrenching!

CA Staff


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