UPDATE4_Avant Resto

Interior P1 (26)

As the deadline for our wagon project nears, the work is becoming more involved. This next update will actually come in two parts, seeing as it’s a big one. The Avant needs to be prepped for paint in the near future, however in order to do this properly, almost all the interior trim pieces needed to be removed, and it was at this point we decided to revamp it as well. (Why not right, it’s already halfway there) We are not ready to give away all our plans just yet, however there is a two tone theme in progress. For now, the shear amount of disassembly is worth a look on its own. The car had to have the interior head liner removed, and to do this meant pulling all the upper and lower trim. We moved quickly, but it still took the better part of two days. There are several small bolts and screw for all the items that have to come out. Most are easily found, however a DIY we found made the process much easier. A good set of screw drivers and pry bars is a must for this job, we would have broken everything without them. The next step was to refinish the trim so it was as close to new as possible, the previous owner didn’t take the best care of the interior. This should be really clear in the pictures below. We also had the time to install a better rear bumper, although not perfect, it helps a lot. The taillights have also been ordered and we can’t wait to ditch these horrible aftermarket units. (The whole JDM + Euro mutant thing is not for us) Finally we are in the process of knocking out the sound system. As you can see, the head unit is already in, and we also managed to wire the sub-woofer without burning down the car. The sub is a 10 Bazooka tube, self-powered. It packs an awesome kick. Finally we are in the process of updating the door speakers, and will have more on that next week. Below are some of the shots of the action, for your enjoyment.

CA Staff


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