UPDATE3_Avant Resto


So this update is a quick one, we had some down time so we decided to inspect the avant’s timing belt and other components in order to make sure they had really been tackle as the previous owner had said. We got the covers off and noticed a few things right away. First the belt and rollers looked new, the belt was in great shape with no wear or cracking. Next we noticed an absurd amount of oil on the bottom covers. Upon further investigation, we found it to be engine oil, which told us to check the spark plugs and valve covers. We seem to have a leak of some sort, however it is so small the oil levels are still normal. The plugs and valve cover seals seem to be fine. So we suspect a small pressure leak from the lower corner of the engine, but have not pulled it apart to find the cuprite yet. In other news, the car blew its first CEL in our hands, indicating a SAI problem. We suspect the lines to be rotted, but the car may need a new air pump. No big deal, however expect to see a few DIYs coming your way soon, regarding the oil and air problems.

– CA Staff


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