Introducing the Avant Resto project

ARP Intro (16)

Welcome to the Avant Resto Project. Here at CleanAudi we have plans for the project car we own. The sedan will become the full time project once we have acquired a second car for daily transport. This plan has been in place for a while now, and until recently was in a holding pattern awaiting the green light. Enter the poor beat car pictured above. We found this Avant in need of a good home and some love, we knew we had to do something to save it. So we purchased it with the intention of cleaning it up and driving it until we could find a good home for it. This kills two birds with one stone so to speak, as we now can move forward with the project on the sedan while giving this car a good work over. In the Avant’s case, simple is better as we plan to keep the restoration to a minimum. We will get the body back into shape, and tackle a few maintenance items. The build time for this is H2Oi in September. (That’s the plan anyway) We don’t want to give away all the big things at once, but we can say that we will be posting updates on the wagon’s progress as we move towards our deadline. Think of it as the mini build before the big one, and as always enjoy the show.

We started with the small simple stuff, taking care of the broken parts that could be fixed quickly. The first round include a new grille, gas shock for the hood, as well as an LED retrofit. We also changed out the worn mats and ordered new fenders for the front. We would show you the front bumper but there isn’t really much to see. We will most almost absolutely use the opportunity to replace the bumper with an OEM S4 cover, because you know, racekor. That’s all for now.

-CA Staff


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