Oil Level Sensor

OilSensor (2)Replacing a Faulty Oil Level Sensor

So our oil level sensor malfunction light came on. Yes it has its own light, an amber alert in the CAN –BUS system. It’s a first for us, so we went about finding out what the hell it was. Turns out the part is about 100 plus for OEM, but Europa Autoparts hooked us up for a great deal less. Hella is the OEM maker of these sensors. We noticed on the new one, all the Audi info was drilled off, we assume Hella has some sort of contract. At any rate, there was not a lot online regarding where this sensor is or how to go about fixing it, so we figured we would add some things. First this is a simple job, like oil change simple. (Actually it’s the same, more on that in a minute) The sensor is found on the bottom of the 2.8 oil pan, and sits in a recess pictured below. The senor is self has a standard plug and a whopping three bolts holding it in. (10mm) Here is the tricky part, if you attempt to just change the sensor, you end with oil all over the floor. So you must first drain the oil, and if you are going to do that, you might as well just change it. So we went out and got another filter, 6qts of our favorite oil, T6 and went to town. If you don’t know how to drain your oil, you have no business replacing the sensor. (We mean that in the best way possible) After removing the three bolts, we inspected the sensor and noticed some damage, although not enough to damage the unit. Still, we replaced the sensor and filter. Remember to seal the filter and sensor’s gaskets with a bit of oil. We tidied up and plugged the sensor back in, all fixed. That’s all there is to it, however before you go and buy the new part, check to see if the plug is connected all the way. Happy wrenching!

-CA Staff


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