Hott Hatch – The A3 Sport Back

A3 Sport Back (3)The New A3 Hatch, A good call

After much pressure from the US market’s Audi fans, Audi decided to bring the A3 Sportback to the states. Not only that, but it will be TDI as well, making it extra noteworthy. The A3 sedan version will also be available with Audi’s TDI plant. The new hatch will have the new 2.0L diesel engine that produces a healthy 236lbs of torque and a decent 150HP. Unfortunately, the car will only be available with a 6 speed automatic, making it a bit harder to modify. (Challenge accepted) It is also supposed to get great fuel economy, blah, blah, blah. Just like the sedan version, the new A3 Sportback will come with a mind melting array of tech that would make Scotty proud. That’s all great! Especially since the only other wagon option is the Allroad, the introduction (Or should we say reintroduction) of the A3 hatch is welcome news. However we are left wondering why Audi didn’t plan this from the get go. We were excited but confused about the A3 sedan, because although it’s another great car, it left Audi completely out of the hatch market here in the states. The A3 from previous generation was only a hatch, and Audi’s answer to the VW threat. (As well as Mini, Smart and a few others) Having a hatch is a no brainer for a stylish luxury car company who’s largest consumer base is professionals in urban environments. Sure you will have the older guys who want more car, but what about all the younger guys (And ladies) that want a nice, compact sporty Audi? The A3 sedan is nice, but does not offer the same haul-all-your-shit-around-town versatility as the hatch. So we are glad to see Audi brought it back, and we hope it’s here to stay. Now if they would just build an S version of the hatch with a manual, we would be getting somewhere.

-CA Staff

Also for what its worth, Its not like Audi doesn’t know how to do it. Here is the S3 Sportback Quattro available in England. Just look at it, its perfect, but until the land of the minivan lover changes it’s ways, we wont see this anytime soon.



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