Manufacturer Spot – EuroGear


From Touring Cars to Formula 1, it is safe to say that at least some of the components found on race cars are made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has been a material of choice for many racing parts because of its unique characteristics. This material can be formed into many different complex shapes, is extremely light weight and is many times stronger than steel. Many components including hoods, trunk lids, interior panels, doors, cooling ducts and air box can be made with carbon fiber to save weight while increasing strength and performance. With the goal of reducing at least 25% of the vehicle’s overall weight, one obvious choice was to replace heavy factory metal body components with light weight carbon fiber units. EuroGEAR’s combined its research and development with Chili Pepper Racing’s track data to design and manufacture carbon fiber components for the #24 touring Jetta. Each component was designed specifically for motorsport purpose by maximizing strength while further reducing weight. EuroGEAR carbon fiber components currently used on the Jetta race car includes a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk lid, carbon fiber front and rear doors and carbon fiber splitter. A DEVAL full body kit further lightens the vehicle while improving overall aerodynamics. Optimal results were achieved on these components by using EuroGEAR’s proprietary technology developed for motorsport applications, capable of withstanding the rigors of motorsport racing. “My crew chief and I were amazed by the quality and strength of these components when we saw them…definitely well built” said Jim Osborn of Chili Pepper Racing. Many of the motorsport application technologies are now applied to our carbon fiber products as well. Additional components are in development to further lighten and improve the performance of the race car. Stay tuned!  Eurogear


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