VMR V702 Review (4)

So this review will be short and sweet, as there really isn’t much to say. We opted in for a set of VMR V702s after contacting Kevin over at VMR. The set of 19” by 8.5”s sits perfectly on the C6, the offset is 35ET leaving the final wheel specs at: 19X8.5 Inches ET 35mm with a hub bore of 57.1mm. The bolt pattern is the obvious 5/112. However VMR also makes fitments for other bolt patterns. We love the way the wheels sit on the car, they are flush with the fenders. The ET35s have a slight concave, making for a simple but aggressive look. Overall the design of the 702s is very conservative, and manages a good OEM+ look. As for the quality of the wheels, the VMRs are tough, we have hit a few potholes here and there, and the wheels have held their own. The finish on the wheels is a matte silver, it looks great in the sun, and however the wheels are hard to clean. (Brake dust is pesky) We have snapped a few shots of our wheels below. The official photos are below as well. Enjoy!



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