The New A3

A3 Launch (37)

Audi of Silver Spring – The A3 Launch

Recently Audi of Silver Spring debuted the new A3, a small sports compact in the Audi line up. The launch party was a success, with a great number of people in attendance. The new A3 was on full display and looked great in the show room and out on the road. The A3 will come with the 2.0t engine, offering a familiar power plant. They will be available in AWD and front wheel drive. The A3 is sure to become one of Audi’s quick sellers, it offers a great compact package with a powerful engine, not unlike the B5. Here are few shots of the event, and the new A3. Glamor shots provided by Audiusa, for more info on the A3, check out Audi America’s site. A special thanks to Evan S. and Aaron K. at Audi of Silver Spring for the invite. Enjoy:


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