S4 Sideskirt Conversion

S4 Sideskirts (18)

The Age Old Conversion is Completed

For those of you that watch our build closely you will notice that we had S4 rocker panels on the car before we completed this conversion. We had acquired those a while ago, and it seemed only logical that we should complete the look. So when a perfect set of moldings came up in the classifieds, we jumped on them. The deal was a good one, because the paint was already on them, and the silver matched perfectly. We did not know what to expect with the install, just that it was going to be a pain in the ass. As we waited for a warm weekend to knock out this modification, we figured there would be some gluing and drilling needed. To our pleasant surprise, the conversion was much easier than we had anticipated. The bulk of the work was prepping and removing the old side skirt components, the door moldings being the biggest pain. The door skirts came off very quickly (Probably because we were missing screws) and the rocker panels needed very little effort. However the door linings were another story, Audi uses adhesive tape to keep them in place, and boy does that stuff work. We had to use a razor to get the remaining glue off, but it came up with some elbow grease. After wiping down the surfaces for the new door liners, we placed the tape and moved on to the door trim. This was a simple process of clipping in the trim and aligning it with a rubber mallet. The S4 door liners then went in and sat on top of the double sided tape we placed earlier. After checking our work, we sat back and enjoyed the new cleaner look. We included a link to a great DIY below, as well as pictures. As always happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


DIY: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/ext.html


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