Pesky Leak

Windshield Washer Leak (5)

Fixing the Most Annoying Leak. Ever.

Although the weather has been determined to make working on the car impossible, we found a warm weekend and took advantage of the break in cold weather. After washing the car (several times) we tackled a problem that has been plaguing us for a while, the windshield washer fluid tank.  Yes, that’s right. The delete of the headlight washers had caused the system to leak slowly, creating the obnoxious warning on the dash to constantly go off. Now, we suspect there was another problem stemming from the car’s meth days, as the tank was retrofitted to accommodate that system, which has since been removed. So we were able to kill two birds with one stone. We began by determining whether we could pull the tank for a thorough inspection, but it quickly became clear that would be impossible. So instead we opted to inspect the tank on the car, and found the leaks rather quickly that way. The headlight pump was the cause, as it was forcing fluid past the shoddy seal. So we cut out the old pipe, sealed it well, and disconnected the pump. To our surprise this didn’t create any warning lights on the dash and our leak has been permanently fixed. We used a silicon sealant that can flex as needed, so now time will tell as to the effectiveness of our fix. Until the damn cold lets up, we won’t be doing much work on the car. Stay posted for a detailed look at installing S4 side skirts. Until then, happy wrenching!



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