Brakes 2.0 – Hawk Pad Review

Brakes2 (17)Hawk Ceramic Pads Review

As some of you will recall, we ran a tech article a while back detailing the installation of new pads and rotors. At the time we had gone with Stoptech rotors and EBC Redstuff ceramic pads. The results were… well fantastic. The pads and rotors were a vast improvement over the stock hardware we had been running. Unfortunately we lost the set up when the car was totaled back in February. Still hate Pontiacs. Fast forward to today, our project car was due for a new set of pads before H2Oi and we have been running them with a new set of rotors for about a month now. This time around we decided to keep it simple due to the fact that a BBK is very near in the future. We chose to run Hawk performance ceramic pads and pair them with OEM rotors with a Geomet coating. The install was very straight forward, although the calipers were and are nearing the end of their life. (The seals are starting to take a shit) We followed the same steps as last time, only really stopping to grind the rust off the hubs. For those of you that may have missed that write up, it can be found in Techfo category. (On another note we made sure to grease the pad backs as well as the caliper brackets extremely well this time around. Last time not enough grease had been used and as a result, the pads squealed at high temps.) Having put about 2k on the pads and rotors as of this article, we have not only broken them in, but put the Hawk pads through their paces. In comparison to what the car had before there is a noticeable difference in the performance of the new pads. They didn’t make any noise, and the bite was better than the burnt out stock pads. The ceramic did take longer to heat up, but the stopping power was much improved. Compared to the EBC Redstuff ceramic pads, there were some interesting differences however. The Hawk pads produce way more dust then the EBC pads. (Trust us, you notice that stuff when you have RX2’s to clean.) We found this interesting, given the fact that both were high performance ceramic compounds. Another point worth noting in the fact that the EBC seemed to have a harder initial bite, and a shorter warm up time. This struck us a weird, because Hawk is such a strong brand. It is also important to note, that the EBC pads were paired with Stoptech rotors that had been drilled and slotted. The Hawk pads are sliding on OEM blanks. We suspect that the slotted and drilled rotors may have not only reduced dust output, but also heated the brake pads faster, creating a stronger bite. Although the Hawk pads seem to be a step behind the EBC ceramics, there overall increase in performance is very apparent. We would highly recommend them over a stock application for their improved performance alone. Due to the fact that the Hawk pads only fall a small bit behind the EBC pads with the handicap of the OEM blanks, we would also wager that the performance of the Hawk pads would surpass the EBC Redstuff series when paired with comparable slotted and drilled rotors. All in all not a bad pad for the cost. As usual we took pretty pictures and posted them below. Look for an update coming soon regarding an upgrade to A8 rotors. Happy wrenching.



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