iEASY – The quick Ipod mod


The other day, we were cleaning out the junk around the office, when we came across an old XM cassette adapter. That’s when one of us had the brilliant idea of using it for the Ipod. We could listen to music and save a few bucks with this quick and easy solution. However, there was a problem. That god awful wire now stuck out of the stereo like a sore thumb. What to do? Well we decided the only logical solution would be to take apart the entire radio and run the wire through the back. Overkill? Yes. Why? Because car guys. So that’s what we did. The radio came out quickly with the help of our radio removal tools and a few disconnects at the back. Then we took it inside to work on the head unit. First we took the panels on top and bottom off. (Not hard, just four screws total) Next we tackled the face of the radio, pulling the two side screws off to bury the wire behind the face. It worked, quite well actually. The wire was long enough to fit out the back and into the glove box of the car. So now, with the wire out of sight, we had our Ipod hooked up. (Note: it’s a basic connection, and does not charge the Ipod.) However we plan on running an Ipod charger off of the 12v supply to the radio with a fuse in line. This should work well and keep the Ipod charged on long trips. Overall, a simple mod, that took maybe an hour tops. It cost us nothing and the Ipod comes through crystal clear. Perfect for thumpin those tunes. Remember, don’t try this crap at home, because uh… legal stuff. Happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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