Coilovers_Restored – Part 2

Removing the Rust on our Rear Coilovers

A few weeks ago, we had a need to lower the front of the car. This was not a problem because we had adjustable coilovers on the car. However due to the age of the coils, some prep work was needed. In the end we pulled the coilovers and cleaned them. A few days ago, we decided to tackle the rear of the car. So began the same process as before, we removed the coilovers from the rear and proceed to scrub the grime and rust off. However this time, the process was a bit easier, we only needed to remove six bolts total in order to get the shock towers out. The hardest two being the upper pinch bolt and the lower shock bolt. They came out with relative ease, with the only hiccup being the tight fit of the lower bushing. We had to use a wedge and upward motion to get the shock free. After that the job was easy. (We should note that we didn’t remove the shock from the spring, because we didn’t want to re compress the spring) This made the perch adjustment a bit harder. Still much the same process was used in cleaning the coilovers, and you can read more about that HERE. After getting everything back together we waited for the car to settle a bit. Unfortunately, it’s rather clear that our rear control arms are worn out and will needed to be replaced soon. That being said, the rear is in decent shape and we should be able to continue using our coilovers. Some points to note include the difficulty of removing the lower bushing, and of course, the re alignment of the lower bolt after everything is in place. (We used a hammer, but try something else at first) Last but not least, it would be wise to replace most if not all the bolts when down there because they tend to stretch. We will be doing that soon. The usual warnings apply, don’t mess up your car, and don’t come running to us when you do. Happy wrenching and check out the before pics below:



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