Clearcut – Finishing Off CF Wrap

A while back we ran an article on carbon fiber wrap, it covered the basics of wrapping and looked at the B pillar. A few weeks later we finally got around to wrapping the mirrors as well. (Because lazy idiots) However we decided to go with a different brand for the CF wrap. This time we used Scotch Print, and we are really impressed. Although its not as thick as the 1080 series from 3M, the wrap is strong and works well. It was easier to mold into the complex curves of the mirror and looks great. It still doesn’t look like the real thing, but the look is appealing none the less. We also decided to clear coat the mirrors as well. This will make the wrap darker but also protect it and give it a nice shine. We started out with a few light coats after cleaning the wrap. The last two coats were heavy to form a nice film. Before that however, we sprayed on a light tack coat to prep the mostly dry first coats for the heavy coats coming. The results are good, and speak for themselves. The hardest part about the process was wrapping the curves, the paint was easy. We took a few pictures in the sun to show you. Enjoy.



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