LLTEK’s Strut Bar Review

A Brief Look at Some Suspension Tuning

As most of you know, we got the new car back in May with a few extra goodies. Among the list was an LLtek strut bar that we had sitting around for a while. So fast forward to last weekend, after cleaning the car up we had nothing to do really. So we dug the bar up and thought about fitting it to the car. Now supposedly this bar will reduce the overall sway of the front end of the car. However Audi already saw fit to place the secondary firewall, which acts a strut bar for the car. So really we were not sure how much more sway the bar could reduce. The install was extremely easy, as it only required the removal of two easy access bolts. However we also decided to retro fit the plastic covers around the bar. So we spent a few minutes cutting and shaping the black plastic. The end result looks good, but is clearly not stock. The bar itself seems well made; however the welds at the connection points could use some more meat. The fitment is spot on, and we didn’t need to move any hardware besides the cover. (This is truly a bolt on upgrade) So after getting the seals back into place, we took the car for a test drive. From the seat of our pants, the car does feel more rigid around corners, and lays a little flatter. However without any serious computer testing, we won’t really know just how much improvement the bar offers. This leads us to our conclusion, after thinking it over and trying a few hard corners, we decided that the bar does help a little. There is a catch though, and that is the bar isn’t worth the cost. Although there was some improvement, it was not nearly enough to justify the price of the strut bar. In fact we feel that there is more value aesthetically, then anywhere else. So in short save your cash, and spend it on a much more worthwhile investment. (Like control arms, or sway bars, or coils) That being said if you can get one for free or even for cheap, what the hell, go for it. The bar does make the engine bay look cool. As always, happy wrenching.



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