Manufacturer Spot – RAI’s 1.8T Timing Belt


This timing belt is a USA Made kevlar reinforced belt, with an upgraded GP-2 jacket to increase tooth strength and prevent stretching. It is designed to be compatible with all 1.8T 06A blocks. We have spent over a year testing the quality and durability of this belt on one of our higher horsepower 1.8T’s. We found the quality to greatly exceed that of a stock belt, and it is over 400% more durable. The R.A.I. Kevlar Timing Belt is good for at least 100,000 miles without snapping, unlike stock belts which need to be replaced every 60-80 thousand miles. With this upgraded belt, you can have piece of mind knowing that your timing belt will last longer than ever before and will hold under greater power loads like never before. You can stop worrying about a timing belt failure, resulting in costly repairs or even a new engine, because you have an R.A.I. Kevlar Timing Belt which will last longer and will remain more durable than any other belt on the market today. – RAI Motorsport


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