A Simple Fix

How to keep Water out of the Footwells

Today we took care of a problem that was plaguing our B5 for a while. After a heavy rain, the car would have water in the foot wells. Yup, we have all been here at one point or another. For those of you who haven’t, you should probably keep reading. It’s only a matter of time before this pesky problem finds you. Anyway, talk about a pain in the ass, seriously, water in the wells is a huge pain to clean up. Depending on how much you have, cleaning it out is a big job. Why you ask? Well there is about two to three inches of foam between the carpet and metal floor. (Nice for your feet, no bueno for water.) The only real way to clean it out means removing half of the damn interior to dry the foam out and make sure no rust forms on the metal. So you can imagine how pissed we were when the drains in our B5 were blocked up. (Guess how we found out) So after some cursing and grumbling we set about fixing the problem permanently. Basically what happens is this; the drains in the battery bay become backed up over time and water fills up the bay. The AC vent found in the bay then fills with water, and the water uses the ducts act as a perfect system of delivery, filling all the foot wells with water. WTF Audi? Now why would the drain become backed up? Well let’s see, uh because Audi placed rubber grommets in the drains to catch debris, and they clog up very quickly. WTF Audi. So you could clean them out, but why bother, they will be clogged again in a few months. So we chose a different approach. We modified the grommets to let more water pass through, mean a quicker drain and no water in the car. This job was simple; there are two drains in the battery bay, one under the battery and the other under the brake servo. Both of these will need to be cleaned, and cut for maximum drainage. To get to the drains the battery will have to be removed, as well as the tray. This is super easy, with only four bolts total. Once you have the power cables disconnected (Do this part slowly and carefully, don’t be stupid) you can pull the battery out. It weighs about 40 pounds, so be ready. Once the battery is out, you can get to the drains. We pulled the rubber grommet out and cut it to make a larger hole. Then we stuck everything back together. Yup it’s that simple. No more water in the car. Last but not least, don’t pull the battery unless you have the radio code. (You will want to kill yourself after you find out how much the stealership charges) Also you will need to re-teach the windows once up and once down. You can do this by holding the window button down for ten seconds and then up for ten seconds. So there it is, a major problem solved by a simple mod. Happy wrenching, oh and don’t try this unless you know how. As usual, pics are below.



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