RS4 Rep Bumper Review


Review of Extreme Dimensions RS4 Bumper

This story so to speak, starts with a rather unattractive body kit. The car was purchased back in May with a Caractere front bumper and side skirts. The kit’s swooping lines and curvy profile did not suit the more refined lines of the B5. (Opinion here, nothing more) There are pictures below for those of you needing some visual aid. As a result, a change was needed. After looking around for a few months, nothing really stood out. Putting back the stock bumper was an option, but proved to be way too expensive. (Cheapest was 500ish with paint, not including the lower valence, grilles or fogs) The next best thing was the possibility of sourcing an S4 bumper. But they were hard to come by and they were not cost effective. The cheapest deal ended up being around 750 after paint.  It also felt like a clichéd thing to do, seeing as the car doesn’t have the power to even back up the look. (Yet…)  So there were only a few options left. The Regier and OEM RS4 bumpers were out of the budget range, so the EBay bumper from Extreme Dimensions seemed more and more appealing. After thinking it over, the decision was made, and the RS4 replica bumper was in the mail. With no idea what to expect, I was a bit nervous about the purchase. It had cost about 280 dollars, including shipping. (Not exactly bank shattering) When the bumper arrived, things looked good. There was an actual bumper, it seemed to be the same as the picture and there were no bundles of drugs… I think. So I sent the bumper off to paint, a local shop did the work. Now here is where the fun starts, the bumper was dropped off on July 3rd. I just got it back on the 26th. That’s right, almost a month, it took them almost a month to paint my bumper. I should have known that this was a sign of things to come. Now to be fair to the shop, about two weeks of that time was not on them, holidays and heat held up the progress. While the bumper was in for paint, its true quality started to show, nicks and cracks showed up in the primer. The whole thing ended up being skimmed and sanded down before paint. I will say that even though the shop was slow, the paint job is spectacular. The color matched perfectly and there is no orange peel. As for direct fitment, the bumper did not even come close. ED says that some cutting might be required. That’s the understatement of the year. The bumper was too large, by a lot. I had to cut holes for the bumper shock bolts, trim the edges for the bumper to close the gap between the fender and cut two inches off the wheel well so the tires won’t rub. The mold work itself is poor at best, some of the precut holes are clearly hand done and eyeballed. Finally the bumper is not symmetrical. Yup the front holes are fine, but the curves are slightly off. So fitment was a joke. Seriously, you get what you pay for. Last but not least, the mount “brackets” are the cheapest things I have ever seen. They did not even come close to working with the car, and I ended up fabricating my own brackets and mounting hardware. All of that being said, after the bumper was beaten into place with a few days’ worth of work, it does look ok. The short of it is this; don’t buy this bumper if you are not willing to do a lot of fab work to make it look ok. It’s really just better to go OEM or with a trusted brand. If you are willing to put the work in, you can make this thing look half way decent. But be prepared to curse a whole lot and spend about 20 hours on it. Minimum. So there it is, an honest review of the EBay bumper, can’t imagine that the others are much different.



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