The Little Things


An Interior Update

So the other day, we had some down time and figured it would a good time to update the interior of the car. (Why the hell not right? It’s going on thirteen years old.) We talked about what the car might need, and truth be told it was not much. As it turns out, the interior is in great shape, and the stock look always appealed to us. We decided to update the lighting and the instrument cluster. Right, lights first. We placed an order with superbrightleds, a great and cheap blub website. They have a wide selection of choices, so be sure to google what fits your car. We chose red for accents such as the trunk and glove box. For the dome lights and the license plate we went with a cool white. The install was super easy and took about 20 minutes and a small flat head. The transformation was well worth it. After that, we tackled the gauges. We opted for a brushed aluminum ring set that would match the newer models. The face lift took about an hour, the hardest part being the removal of the face. We used a DIY that can be found below. The overall effect is perfect; you can find the rings on eBay. So for about 30 dollars, we updated the interior and it looks great! Check out the info and pictures below. Happy wrenching.

-CA – SuperBrightLeds – Gauge Ring DIY


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