The BBS Restoration – Part 2

Part Two of the BBS Restoration

If you are catching up with us now, you have walked into the middle. Go back and read the first part. You can find it HERE. For those of you who have read the first part of the restoration project, you will know this section covers the final process of paint and finishing. Now that we have got the wheels prepped for painting and they are nice smooth, we can begin. First weather is important here, a nice cool dry day provides the best environment for painting. We painted in a warmer than ideal climate, but it worked out for the most part. Dry days allow for a better paint dry overall. So let’s go over what we used to get the color on the wheels:

Painters tape (The blue kind)

Canned spray paint or air gun paint (We chose a gunmetal gray)

Clear coat or protective finish (Satin gloss)

Clean rag

600 -1000 grit sandpaper

Lots of time. Lots. Of. It.

So to start off, we took our wheels and cleaned them with soap and warm water. It is important to get all the dirt of the wheel, because the finish depends on it. Left over dirt or grime may cause runs, spots or cracks in the paint. After cleaning them, use the rag to wipe down the wheels, let them completely dry before painting them, as the moisture will also cause problems. Now that the wheels are dry, they can be painted. But before we start spraying all over the place, some prep work is required. Use the blue tape to wrap the tires and anything else you wish not to cover. IE: valve stems and bolts. Now you are ready! For are wheels, we used a can spray. Getting this right just takes practice and time. You want to spray on thin coats at first, slowly building up the layers as you go. Patience is key here. The trick is to get an even coat without putting on too much, so as to prevent runs in the paint. After you have applied the color, follow the cans instructions, allowing the right amount of time in between coats. You will most likely have to put on multiple coats. (We did at least three) Once the color coat has dried well, you can apply the first coat of clear. Go slowly and lightly, an even coat is critical here because this is the finish. Don’t worry that the clear is an off white color at first, it will dry clear. Several coats of the clear will give a nice hard finish with a shine. Let the paint cure for at least 48 hours, and avoid washing with soaps or solvents for a least a week. The results should speak for themselves. The trick to painting with a can is a steady hand and a lot of time, we cannot stress that enough. Painting is a time consuming and tedious task. However when it’s done well, the product looks great! We included a few shots of the process as well as the final product on the car. Happy wrenching. -CA

CleanAudi is not responsible for any damage cause by failing to work correctly, plase make sure you are comfortable with this sort of work before you start and work outside away from fire hazards. Grinding metal can be dangerous, please take the safety steps needed to protect yourself and property. Seriously.


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