Carbon Wrapped


We all know that carbon fiber can be a great way to give your car some flair. However like most things in life, too much of it and the car suffers. It’s important to use it sparingly, especially if it’s only a cosmetic upgrade. This brings us to CF wrap, at a fraction of the cost of real carbon fiber; it offers a real alternative to upgrading your car’s looks. It is easy to work with, and is much more forgiving then the real thing. Although it does not look like the real thing, it does a good job of coming close and we even used this to our advantage for the mini project we took on this week. The wrap itself is 3M’s A grade vinyl. The pattern is etched into the vinyl, giving it a texture and 3d look. The quality of the wrap is bar none the best we have worked with, although it can be hard to flex and stretch. We picked up our material from ECS Tuning, and the clear coat from the paint shop. It is important to note, that when working with this pattern, too much stretch can cause the pattern to degrade. Trust us, you will notice, so order more then you will need. Vinyl is tricky because it’s a sticker and surface, meaning wrinkles and bubbles are likely. Not to worry, a heat source, (Such as a heat gun or hair dryer) will do wonders in getting the bubbles and wrinkles out. The process is simple, peel and stick slowly, working the air out and stretching the piece as you go. Use the heat gun or hair dryer to relax the vinyl and get it to form better to the curves of your object. (Like a B pillar) After all of that, trim the vinyl with a razor blade being careful not to scratch the paint. The last bit we did is optional, we wanted a darker finish. Clear coating the vinyl is not needed, but will extend the life of it, and darken up the pattern. We did this because the wrap was on the outside, and we wanted a very subtle difference. The results speak for themselves; patience is everything here, so take your time. If you are interested in doing the same to your B5 pillars, the DIY for removing them is below. Good luck and happy wrenching!


Note: On our car, there are four screws, not two, the top two of the four are hidden behind the door seals, just peel them back to expose the screws! (For B Pillar)

Look for a update on the mirrors coming soon!


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