Parking for Dummies

Driving in the city can be hard, the busy intersections and many distractions can pose a serious strain on one’s concentration. That being said, people drive and park in cities every day without having problems. However it is understandable that the average driver may not be the best at navigating these complex streets. What we find to be unacceptable is a blatant lack of regard for other drivers. Parking is not a hard thing to master, and even if are not the best at it, you can always correct after the fact. Which leads us to this:

Why the hell would someone think this is an appropriate way to operate a vehicle? Came out to this after a brief errand in the city (DC, where else…) and was baffled. Mind you, there was a space the size of a bus behind the car when we left it. Even if the driver of the X3 couldn’t make it into the spot, they still could have backed up. So minus points for not being able to parallel park. Minus a few more for the over sized space and minus a million for not even caring enough to back up after they messed it up. At the very least, they could have tried to cover their bad driving up. So we keyed their car. Just kidding, we took the higher road, as there was no real damage. Guess it’s time to get a bumper bully, because that’s what it’s come to. Still the basic lack of caring that this sort of move takes is a new all-time low. Won’t even get into the fact that it was a BMW….

-CA Staff


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