So as you may already know, our project car was totaled in DC just before March. Since then, we have been looking for a new B5 and found one we liked so much, we bought it. The build is officially on again! Now on to the more important things, the B5 A4 is a 99.5 2.8, almost identical to the previous B5. Except there are a few goodies that came with this new A4, the best being that it had Stasis coils on it already, as well as a milltek catback. Both very exciting items. Other kick butt upgrades include S4 seats, as well as a fully upgraded South Bend stage three clutch. Not to mention Febi-Bilstien control arms and an upgraded sway bar. The car has an after market bumper on it, that may or may not grow on us over the next few months. (Its fate is yet to be decided) Another killer bonus was a set of BBS RXII’s. We will be restoring those over the next few weeks, look for a detailed report on that coming soon. Overall we are very happy with the car, and can’t wait to get it ready for all the summer shows upcoming. Here are a few more shots of the car with the old RS4 reps on it.



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