Vogtland Coilover Review

Vogtland Coilovers

In the Audi tuning community we always hear about St and Koni when talking about coilovers. It seems to be the go to set up for many tuners, and with good reason. ST’s coilovers are well built, get great reviews and are made by Koni. On the other end of the spectrum, STASIS and Bilstein make high quality set ups with highly adjustable features, but they cost upwards of two grand for a good set. However for most of us, track cars are not what we are building. We may not need to adjust our coilovers for various driving conditions; rather we need a solid set up that handles daily driving well. Enter Vogtlands, the sort of forgotten option when it comes to great setup around thousand dollars. We had a set on our B5 and loved them; they did exactly what the coilovers advertised. For about 900 dollars, we got our hands on an entry level setup that came with height adjustable shocks and fixed dampening. The springs were a high quality sport set, and gave the car the stance it so badly needed. The Vogtlands were a vast improvement over the stock suspension. The car went from riding around on a bubble of air to a firm and flat stance. Handling was improved greatly and the car felt as if it were on rails. As most of you might know, those new properties walk a fine balance with comfort and ride quality. This is where the Vogtlands really surprised us. We found that even in the city with horrible roads, (DC) the ride was smooth, and enjoyable. It was not as smooth as the stock ride, but it was much better than the jarring we were expecting. The small bumps went unnoticed and the large ones felt solid under the car, making a thud sound rather than a bang. So for about one grand, we had managed to strike a great balance between ride comfort and handling. This relationship is critical to daily drivers like us, as our cars work seven days a week. Overall we are really impressed with the quality of the Vogtlands both in build and in performance. On a side note, we liked the fact they are made in Germany, but we aren’t crazy about the color. Our coilovers came from the factory in Germany, so the wait was longer then we liked, but for the price and quality, we aren’t going to complain. Vogtland even offers a GT3 setup, with more aggressive spring rates, for those of you looking to track the car on the weekends. So there it is. If you are on a budget, but looking for a higher quality coilovers for your daily driver, check out Vogtland. You probably won’t be disappointed, we sure were not.


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