3.2 Rebuild

A few weeks ago our C6 A6 came down with the flu. The car had been making some worrying sounds, and started to rough idle. Fearing that the engine was on the verge of dying, we dug deeper into the problem. Our initial diagnosis was not good, as we had come to the conclusion that a chain was running loose. Whether the car had a loose tensioner, or the chain had worn down, we realized that the car was in serious trouble. As the engine is a 3.2, and timing is chain driven we ran a good risk that the valves may be bent. This sort of problem is a bad one to have, as the only way to fix it requires pulling the engine… Shit. So CA took the stricken A6 up to RAI motorsport. (That sort of work is still above our pay grade) Upon further inspection we found the cam tensioner to be well…gone. It wasn’t there, because it had exploded. Double Shit. Now fearing the worst, the valves were checked. Annnnnnddd they were bent. Triple Shit. It seems we have had a spate of bad luck recently. So six grand later and a rebuilt motor, one may start to think screw it. However it’s important to note a couple of things. All of them bitter. Had we checked the sound on day one instead of day eight, we would not be sitting on twelve bent valves. Even more bitter, had we been more careful and educated about these newer engines, we would have skipped this problem altogether. As it turns out, the newer engines do much better on synthetic, something that has been slow to make its way into our garage. (We were never quite comfortable with leaving oil in longer then 3000 miles.) In hindsight it seems so simple, newer engines equal lower tolerances and lower tolerances equal synthetic oil. Duh. So we learned the lesson the hard way, and now we can say for sure that this won’t happen again. So the moral of the story is read up on your tech, you might be surprised at what you didn’t know. Oh and use the right friggin oil. We included a few pictures of the rebuild, courtesy of RAI motorsport. Great guys, look for a formal review coming soon. Don’t let this happen to you.



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