Today was a bummer, we went down to the shop and pulled what we could off our B5, We will save what we can, and start over. As we said our good byes, we wanted to capture the car one last time before its send off.


So as of March 5, Our beloved B5 has been totaled. The frame and the sub suspension took a beating resulting in very high repair bills. As of now we are going to try and save as much as we can. I can not express how sad this loss makes us feel, this project was a long time in the making and it seems we lost it over night. That being said, we will be looking for another B5, and we have resolved to start over. Drive safely and good luck wrenching.

– CA


So the build has been put on hold for a few days. The car took a hit in the city, the damage is not good, but fixable. The bent axle is our biggest concern. The wheel is about 35 degrees out of alinement, the frame appears to be in good shape. The rear bumper is gone, the other car liked it a lot and decided to take it. The driver is at fault for failure to yield, however the other car was believed to be speeding. Details are slim now, but we will continue to update the situation as we go. Look forward to rear suspension tech articles coming soon. Oh and we will still be posting the wheel bearing article, although it doesn’t mean much now…

Drive safely guys, and always be aware… espicaly of POS Pontiac hatchbacks. Seriously. FTN



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