MRC’s White Knight

MRC's Wide Body B5 S4

MRC Tuning is based out of Banbury, Oxfordshire. The company opened its doors in 2005, and has since relocated to a larger facility to handle the influx of business. It’s not hard to see why; MRC has been at the forefront of the tuning industry, winning the coveted “Tuner of the Year” award six years straight. This wide body S4 is no exception, clearly representing the quality build we have come to expect from MRC. The S4 is a three liter hybrid K04 turbo’d monster, cranking out a whopping 640BHP. The twin turbos are mapped in house by MRC and its resident tuner, the one and only Mihnea Cotet. Between his team and him, they hold over 30 years of tuning experience. The wide body B5 is a testament to such. The car sits on 19” BBS’s hovering just inches above the ground. The artic white paint makes every shadow pop, as the lines of the car are extraordinarily clean. Words can’t do this car justice, so will have included a few videos produced by NISUS films to satisfy your needs. Check out MRC website and Facebook page for more details on this white beast.


204 Miles per Hour…Holy Shit

Credit to MRC tuning for the photos used and NISUS films for the video content!


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