Valve Cover Work

Valve cover seals are notorious for failing over time in Audi engines. For those of you who don’t know, the basic magic behind the valve cover gaskets is the seal between the cam shaft cover and the head of the engine block. These seals are nothing more then a high density rubber, as a result start to leak after a few years of use. This leads to oil leaking out of the valve covers, and a nasty oil burning smell. Also and more importantly the inner seals start to leak oil into the spark plug housing, this fouls plugs and reduces horsepower. It can also cause a rough idle at low RPMs, this problem can be a tedious and expensive one. ( I hate changing plugs) To combat this it is important to replace these seals when symptoms start to show. There are several kits out there, however CA recommends Blauparts or ECS tuning. 034 Motorsport and JHM Motorsport also stock great kits. I am sure that we have missed a few good names, so please let us know in the comments section. The point is, you get what you pay for, and good seals are no joke. The process for replacing the seals is relatively straight forward, and there are many good DIYs out there for those who feel comfortable doing the work themselves. It took about 2 hours and very few complex tools. The hardest part of the whole process is applying the sealant to the corners. After that most of the work is getting the torque specs right. Its also important to note, that often if your valve cover seals are shot so are all the other seals in the cam head. Again they come with the kits and are installed much the same way. However, to get to those smaller seals, you must remove the cam shafts as well as the front end of the car. So that process is much more complex then just a valve cover job. Good news though, you should only have to do this shit once. Check out the photos below, we will also include a link to the DIY we used. – CA

Valve Cover Seal DIY (2.7, 2.8 B5 S4, A4):


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